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1) Personal data voluntarily provided upon the filling of the registration form to enter the supplementary services section (hereinafter called the “SERVICE”) will be processed, also through IT and electronic means, for the following purposes: a) direct purposes connected with and necessary for providing the Service; b) marketing activities and business information; c) statistical analyses.

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4) With respect to personal data protection above, all rights under art. 13 “Subject’s rights” of law 675/1995, may be exerted.

5) Personal data acquisition is optional. Nevertheless, failure to provide, also partially, personal data requested upon the filling of the registration form necessary to enter the Service or for the purposes as of point 2), will not allow the full provision of the Service.On the basis of information received for the purposes of art. 11 Law 675/96 I authorize the use of personal data filled into the registration form by me in order to enter the Service dedicated to the marketing activities and business information as of point 1) a-b-c.